ASIC Name Search

Choosing a Company Name

You can only choose a company name that is not already registered to a company or business. Also there is a list of words that you cannot use without special approval.


You can search the ASIC National Names Index. The index lists all Australian company and business names. You can also use the Identical Names Check facility to check whether your proposed name is identical to another name already registered.


Certain words and phrases cannot be used in company names without the approval of a specified Minister or Government agency, for example words such as ‘building society’, ‘trust’, ‘university’, ‘chamber of commerce’ and ‘chartered’, as well as words suggesting a misleading connection with Government, the ‘Royal Family’ or an ex-servicemen’s organisation. These restrictions make sure that a company’s name does not mislead people about its activities. ASIC may also refuse to register certain names if they are offensive or perhaps suggestive of illegal activity.
You may also need to consider if your proposed name is similar or identical to any registered or pending trademarks. Check the IP Australia website on our links page to find out.






Using the ACN as a Name – It is not necessary to give a company a name. If you prefer, the name of the company on registration can be its (ACN) Australian Company Number.

Possible problems with similar names – Even if ASIC reserves or registers a name, a person or corporation with a similar registered name may still take action against you. It is entirely your responsibility to be aware of any problems that might arise from names already registered which are similar to, or likely to be confused with, the name you register.